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Through my connection with Spirit, I tap into your energy to awaken your magic and unlock deeper levels of happiness, clarity, love, abundance, health, fulfillment, peace, harmony - whatever your heart desires.  By releasing energy blocks, clearing old programming and tapping into channeled intuitive guidance, you will move into deeper energetic alignment with your highest expression of self. 


Here's a little bit more about me and how I came to doing this work. When I was little, I always felt energies. Even though I was a little afraid of what I might see, when I was 9 my father was diagnosed with colon cancer and less than a 10% survival rate. It was in the midst of fear and chaos, that my world to intuitive healing blew wide open.

First it started with juicing, herbs and supplements. Then by 13 years old I was training to become a Reiki Master. Although I was tapping into intuitive guidance, at that point I didn't really understand this depth of this connection and what it all meant. At that age, I was just starting high school and I didn't want anyone to see me as "woo-woo", so I kept all of this on the down low (DL). 

Fast forward and I took the traditional route of going to University where I received my Honours Bachelors in Health Sciences. I continued to take courses on the side in Therapeutic Touch, Intuitive Healing - but again all on the DL. I completed postgraduate studies and landed my first big job out of school in the corporate world. I worked for a Public Relations Agency and even though I had the opportunity to work with some amazing global brands, my nudge toward Intuitive Healing and Energy Work didn't subside. If anything it got stronger. So there I was again, full time career girl and on the side and on the DL I became a Certified Life Coach. 

After a few years at the agency, my voice started to shut down. The work I did required me to speak, to communicate and I physically couldn't. It got to the point where I was on medical voice rest and even biopsied for lymphoma. In this moment, my second big moment of fear and chaos since my dad's diagnosis, I knew that what was happening to me was more than just about the physical body. I knew I had to heal old energetic patterns of the past. I knew I had to start to live life for me. This meant doing things I loved, with people I loved. That simple. Live my truth and let go of the rest. 

Eight months later, I left the corporate world behind and dove into the wellness space. As much as I felt nudged to explore all things intuitive, I was still afraid of what others would think of this career "shift". So, I made my debut in "mainstream" wellness - Registered Holistic Nutritionist and Certified Life Coach.  

In 2011, I started my practice for doing just that and of course, what do I get? Requests for Reiki and Energy Healing. It wasn't even on my website. It wasn't even a service I had listed. But, word of mouth got around that I had experience in these modalities and the requests kept coming in. I push back. I say no. I resist. Until finally, I've gotten so many asks that I surrender. When I surrendered, a portal opened up for me. Client by client, year by year, I noticed that the majority of my work and the requests I was getting were more and more for Intuitive Energy Healing. 

Fast forward to 2021, my father passed away. It was my first experience being with someone as they cross over and their soul leaves the physical body. This was my third big spiritual awakening that moved me from keeping my intuitive work on the DL to now up front and center. 

As guidance often says to me, "long story, long" - today this is what I do. I work with clients one on one, I lead workshops and speak at events in the hopes that through this work I can help you be free of whatever is holding you back to step into a life aligned in your highest path and filled with your greatest manifestations, deepest love and purest joy.


In the words of Nikola Tesla I leave you with this, "If you want to learn the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration."

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Linda's grace, wisdom and unconditional love is beyond anything I have experienced. Her authenticity and passion for helping her clients achieve their greatest desires is a universal gift. She is my go-to for making magic happen.

Leanne Jacobs, Auric Living Founder


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