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The best thing I have ever done for myself

Want to know the best thing I did to create flow, happiness and abundance in my life and biz?

Answer: Self Care!

Yup, that’s right! It’s as simple as that! Just like when you board the plane and they announce that in case of an emergency you need to put your oxygen mask on first before helping anyone else. Self care was my oxygen mask.

When I first started my wellness biz I was working ’round the clock – multiple clinics, teaching all throughout the city, consulting privately and in the end I was totally exhausted and burning out. No time for friends, family or activities I loved!

As soon as I made TLC a core element in my daily routine again (not just something I taught my clients!) it gave me the space I needed to shift my energy into a vibration that screamed “Manifestation”. That allowed me to attract the people I needed most at that time. That allowed me to tap into my creativity. That synced me with my intuition and cleared out the chaos and clutter I once had running in my mind. This Valentine’s I challenge you to put yourself first! To be gentle, be kind, be loving, be respectful to the most important person of all – YOU!

As soon as you truly make yourself and your happiness a priority – watch what shifts come your way in all areas of your life!

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