Kickin' my Sugar Craze

Even though the “holidays” have come to an end (at least for most of us), I am still going strong with celebrations (birthdays, engagements, anniversaries you name it!). After a very overly indulgent weekend (although super tasty!) my body is begging me to hit the reset - so I'm listening!

Today for lunch I am giving my body a little extra love and digestive rest with this Macro & Micro Nutrient packed smoothie & nutritionals! You might be looking at this pic and wondering “Does she take all those pills?!?” And yes I do! Twice a day at that!


Because as a Holistic Nutritionist it’s vital to bridge your nutrient gap - food alone can only do so much when it comes to our vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. I believe in whole foods first to create your beautiful foundation, it's a must. But next to that is a high quality supplementation program. When you combine the two you are setting yourself up for an amazing cellular health regime. You take your wellness from good to optimal. From surviving to thriving.

Having said that there's a few keys I look for when choosing a quality supplement program because sadly not all nutritionals are created equal. 54% of products tested in recent studies don't even disintegrate within 20 minutes! Yikes!

So here are some of my non-negotiables that I look for when shopping for a supplement ...

✔️ pharmaceutical GMP

✔️ potency & purity guaranteed

✔️ bioavailability

✔️ third party testing, research and science

I have this list because I want to know with 1000000% certainty that what's on the bottle is on the label, that the dose is the dose, it does what it says it will do, and my body will actually be able to use it in the way it should.

My go to - USANA Health Sciences.

I choose this company for my family & clients because they go above and beyond my checklist so that I never ever have to compromise.

If you have the nudge to uplevel your Wellbeing this year, check out some of my Fave Wellbeing Enhancers on my Virtual Wellness Dispensary - you can save up to 20% off too when you become my Preferred Customer (and it’s free!)

Here's to your most vibrant health!

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