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How to Clear Toxic Energy from your Home

Have you noticed that you can walk into one room and feel calm and then walk into another room and feel anxious? Rooms hold the energy of all the events, emotions, people, and activities that have taken place in the space. These energies impact our mood, creativity, and thinking – for better or worse. Dr. Maya Angelou understood that the energy of conversations we have in the room, get stuck there. “They get on the walls. They get in your wallpaper. They get in your rugs and your upholstery and your clothes. And finally, they are into you.” Just like we may need to hit the reset button to clear our bodies of unwanted toxins, it’s just as important to clear old, stagnant energy in our space. These old energies can slow us down from stepping into our greatest potential. Think of this as energetic sludge that can dampen your mood and thinking. If you clear the energy in your space every so often, you will create more harmony and flow in your life. You may already do a version of this clearing at least once a year with the traditional “spring cleaning”. Notice how if you do you feel lighter and happier as soon as it’s done? When I speak about clearing your space it doesn’t have to take a long time and you don’t have to do it all the time. A good time to clear energy is before moving into a new space, after a construction project is complete, after an illness or argument, during or after any major life event, anytime you feel stuck or down, or when your space simply doesn’t feel right. You can also clear the energy when you just want to bring in more positive energy. To help you create a fresh, clean, and clear energetic space here are a few simple tips you can start today! 1. Open windows. Think about how amazing it feels when out in nature, in fresh air and you take deep breaths! Like that first spring breeze. The air is alive and full of life force, often filling us with fresh hope. When we open windows, we invite this same energy into our space – taking out the stagnant energies and bringing in fresh cleansing energy. 2. Burn Incense. Incense has an amazing ability to shift energy immediately to burn off that stagnation. Some of my favourites are sandalwood and white sage (more on white sage in tip 5). Have fun and use what your nose loves and what feels good for you. When you burn the incense set an intention to clear away the old energies and bring in what it is you desire to the space. 3. Sweep. Vacuuming works well when keeping an area pristine of dust or dirt, but sweeping with a broom helps to create an even more powerful energetic shift. Have you ever noticed sometimes you just feel better after cleaning? Sweep toward a door or an open window to sweep out the old energy and welcome in the new! 4. Take a sea salt bath. These old energies if left there for a while will impact your own mood. You might notice that you are just crankier or are in a chronic bad mood. Take a salt bath for 20 minutes — this renews our personal energetic fields immediately. Add 2 — 4 cups of sea salt to a full bath and let yourself soak. To learn more about personal cleanses to release emotions that are stuck in the tissues, you can check out the Chakra Cleanse and Beautiful Body Cleanse online programs. 5. Smudge You may have seen my previous posts on smudging - it’s one of my favourite energy clearing tools! I love to use white sage. Here’s what you can do:

  • Close your windows and outside doors

  • Light a sage stick and use a bowl (or I use a shell) to hold underneath the stick so you catch any embers that may fall

  • Set the intention to clear any stagnant energy that may be present and to let go of anything that does not serve you

  • Wave the sage stick and allow the smoke to travel around the perimeter of each room. Open drawers, closets, cabinets, etc. Allow the smoke to go inside these enclosed areas. Pay attention to corners, baseboards, and doorframes, making sure the smoke passes over these areas

  • As you move through the space you can repeat your intention, especially as you enter a new room

  • When you have finished walking through your entire home, place the sage stick in the kitchen sink and allow it to keep burning

  • Go through your home and open up all the windows. Affirm that the energy that is no longer serving you goes out the window as you open it and in its place welcome in love, peace, clarity, calm, abundance, harmony whatever you desire to welcome in.

  • Put out the sage stick and know that it is done. Give thanks for your home.

If you are sensitive or allergic to smoke or sage, you may want to avoid this technique.

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