My Up Close & Personal

I am so honoured & humbled to have had the chance to sit down and chat with the radiant Jessilyn McCash of Balanced Bloom. If you are curious to get to know me a little more, here's our interview - up close & personal!

Enjoying Japanese Cuisine with the fam!

I had the pleasure of interviewing the incredible Linda and I was blown away to learn that her incredible wellness journey started at the very young age of 9!

Sitting down, chatting, laughing and getting to know Linda Heredia better was such a fun time! Her amazing wellness journey started at the age of 9. Such an inspiring women, who always knew, even when life pulled her off course a little, her true passion and values would lead her to find success and happiness.

How are you "living the life you most desire"?

Wow! That’s a good one…lol. Living a life I most desire means that everything that I am doing is truly aligned with my core values and what I want. In comparison to the corporate world, where I was very successful, the way that I was operating daily, I didn’t get to spend the days how I wished, doing the things that I love, and I wasn’t in alignment. That doesn’t mean that right now there aren’t moments of challenge, especially as a mom or as an entrepreneur, but everything that I am doing is in alignment with my heart and my core values, like wellness, family, freedom, etc. I’m also continuing to expand my vision so that my reality becomes a match to what I truly desire and what I am truly passionate about.

Tell me more about Linda growing up vs Linda now.

Linda growing up vs now in some ways they are very alike in that we are both very heart-based lead. Both have a very playful energy, love to smile, and want to make the world smile. We both come from the heart and want to be of service. When I was younger I wanted to bring joy, but in a different way than now. In terms of wellness, that started at the age of 9 when my father was diagnosed with stage 3, almost stage 4 colon cancer, and my world of wellness was completely blown open.

I was sort of the black sheep in the family who dabbled in herbs, supplements, and nutrition and started my reiki training, even though no one in my family was guiding me, I was self-taught. I’ve always had a curiosity and been a student of life, always wanted to grow and expand and see how I can make an impact.

The difference from growing up to now is that I’ve grown personally and spiritually. At the age of 13, I struggled with my throat chakra, I constantly had strep throat and was being followed by ENT specialist all the way from high school through to my corporate career, where I was told that I was possibly facing lymphoma in my neck area. It was a big wake-up call, and at that moment I realized that it was due to my constant people pleasing behaviour, always putting others ahead of myself. I never stood up for myself because I didn’t want to hurt anyone.

Linda then vs now is that I am still working on this, but I’m learning to listen to my body which helps me to learn more and more how to step into my voice. I'm no longer afraid to give loving honest feedback to help support others growth. So many clients that I see have throat or anxiety issues, and I truly believe that I have attracted them as someone who has gone through what they are going through. I can help empower other women to step into their own voice, so they can live and breathe and step into the life they desire. The growth that Linda went through over the years allows me to help people to step into their life, recognize their values and go after what they want in life.

Did you always want to be a Holistic Nutritionist and start your own business?

No, I didn’t think that I wanted to be a Holistic Nutritionist, Reiki Master or Life Coach, but I was always into nutrition. When my father was first diagnosed, I learned about nutrition and juicing to help aid his recovery, and he just celebrated his 71st birthday, which is amazing! I used nutrition to help me growing up with PMS, hormone, and iron deficiency, so it has always played a role since the age of 9. Not just nutrition, but full on Holistic Wellness. I always looked at energy, nutrition, emotions, and I look back to when I was 13 starting my Reiki training in a class full of 40-year olds and going through it with them as they share their personal transformations, it was incredible.

To be honest I grew up thinking I was going to be a pediatrician, looking back my paternal grandparents were both doctors, so I thought I wanted to be a pediatrician. When I got to university and started doing pure science getting myself prepped for med school, I realized that I didn’t want to pursue that anymore. I wanted to take more of a holistic route and approach, I had the opportunity to work with the nutritionist on campus and started creating meal plans and menu plans and through that work I started to realize my approach was more holistic and it wasn't just about food, but took into account mind, body and spirit.

I then did my undergraduate at Western and did my Honours in Health Sciences where I specialized in health promotion. I then went on to do a post-graduate in corporate communications and public relations and then landed a job at a public relations firm that had international status, with amazing clients and an incredible space. I found that every moment I was spending in my spare time was all about wellness and holistic nutrition and I started to apply the principles I had learned to myself, because I found in this corporate career that I was stressed out, I was under a lot of pressure, I gained weight and I wasn’t emotionally in the best space. I wasn’t aligned and there was a gap between where I was and where I wanted to be. After a few years there I decided that I had to pursue my passion, it was about the same time that I was being tested for lymphoma. I knew it was a wake-up call and that what was happening to me was more than just physical.

The Universe was trying to tell me that I had to make a shift, so I left my corporate career and became a Full-time Holistic Nutritionist, I was already a Reiki Master and Certified Coach Practitioner, so in the midst of planning a wedding, I just jumped right in and I knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur and create my own schedule, work my own hours, and make the impact I desired and I wanted to be the CEO of not only my business but my life. It was a whole new adventure!

What inspired you to take the career path you chose?

I kind of answered that above…lol, but to reiterate, it was the fact that wellness to me is everything. If someone in life does not have optimal health and wellness, then nothing else matters. I saw it with my father, the money, the trips, the cars the vacations…if you weren’t well enough to actually enjoy it and appreciate it, you had nothing. Wellness is your greatest asset, and I believe that if I can support other people do this I can help them transform their life.

Having optimal wellness is the foundation to help you create the life you desire, it allows you to step into the most extraordinary vision for your life. Holistic wellness is where it all starts. I wanted to be a part of helping transform people, colleagues, and peers, those who didn’t know how to 'have more, do more, be more' and I wanted to be a part of their solution. That is what inspired me!

Tell me a bit more about becoming one of North America's youngest Reiki Masters? Where did you study? Were you actually practising on clients or more just family and friends?

I was 13, I was over at one of my best friend's house and I had a headache. I didn’t want to take Advil or Tylenol being the black sheep that I was, and her parents who were Reiki practitioners asked me if they could perform Reiki to help with my headache? They explained to me what it was, in regards to putting their hands on my head and that it was a natural form of healing the body. Being 13 I didn’t have notions of it not working, and I was completely open, and within 15 mins my headache cleared.

At that age, I felt that I had that calling and wondered to myself why everyone doesn’t learn this. So I called up their Reiki Master and she asked if I had ever had a full treatment before, and I said “no”, so she asked me to come in for a full treatment. So now I had to convince my parents to drive me, pay for it and let me do this. They had no idea what this was, but they did trust my best friends parents and that was the beginning of me becoming a Reiki Master. I was blessed and thankful. It felt so natural.

I used Reiki on just friends and family and myself until I finished my corporate job. It was a part of my life and I shared my gift, but I didn’t start charging until I became a Holistic Nutritionist and worked in a clinic, and now I am lucky enough to be able to teach those who want to learn as well. I continue to learn and take courses on other energy based work as well.

Tell me a bit more about your Manifestation Masterclass, what can your clients expect to feel once they have completed it?