Magical Affirmations

I’ve always believed in the power of Positive Affirmations. So much so that it’s something I’ve done with my little guy since he was just a newborn and I would whisper to him positive, beautiful I AM phrases.

He just turned 3 this month and I have Baby boy 2 arriving in the next few weeks. This month we tried something NEW. We incorporated Love Powered Co's Affirmations for Littles not expecting much to change since affirmations have been a part of our bedtime and morning routines for years now.

THEN just last night something SO, SO, SO amazing and magical happened! Before bed, I’m sitting in the rocking chair (feeling pretty pregnant too!) and my little guy comes up to cuddle me, he looks up at me smiling and says to me - without me even prompting him or using any of the cards - I AM Brave, I AM Strong, I AM Beautiful! My heart melted and THEN he says to me “Mama, YOU are BRAVE, YOU are STRONG, YOU are BEAUTIFUL” in that moment I was smiling, laughing and trying not to cry (keep in mind I’m very pregnant so crying comes so easy to me!)

I had to share this magic with others in case it’s something you want to start with your littles too because I feel SO grateful to have this tool to create a foundation of positive self talk in a world where I know one day he may be faced with negative voices.

Does anyone else use Positive Affirmation tools with their kids? I’d love to hear your story too!

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