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Shift Your Thoughts & Attract More of What You Want

A belief is really only a thought you keep thinking. It might sound simple but understanding this has helped me attract what I want into my life. It's something that I remind myself of on an ongoing basis. When I feel stuck or something isn't "flowing" I always come back to this.

Here's an example of what I mean ...

Let's say that you want to attract more money into your world. If every time you go to pay a bill you think "Oh my gosh these just keep piling up" or if every time you go out to dinner you feel guilty and think "I should have stayed home to cook and save my money" then all your thoughts around money are all from a "scarcity" belief - aka the opposite to what you want to attract in your life.

Now if every time you had a scarcity thought you INTENTIONALLY chose to think an abundant thought instead - such as "I'm so grateful to have this amazing cell phone" when you get a phone bill or "This dinner is so delicious" then you start to shift your beliefs into the abundance zone.

When you make this shift from thinking scarcity to thinking abundance you are now aligning yourself with what you desire. Thinking abundant thoughts often enough will gain the momentum and power to believing whole heartedly that abundance surrounds you. This will attract more of abundance into your world.

Simply put Your Thoughts have to Match what you WANT to manifest it.

So if you want to see change in your life and fall into attracting more of what you desire, start with your thoughts. For the next 7 days start to intentionally choose thoughts that are aligned with what you want and see what happens! If you go back to your old thoughts, that's OK, this is something new and creating new habits take a little time. So don't beat yourself up, just choose a new positive thought and keep on going!

Happy attracting!

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