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It's the simple things in life

It really hit me today that it’s the little things in life that pull at my heart strings. ♥️

Here’s what I mean ... My day to day is pretty simple, nothing wildly extravagant or exotic. I’m at the gym or yoga studio almost every morning. I drink my coffee. Cook up new dishes for the fam. Werk my biz. Connect with my inner circle. Chill with a good book or Netflix at night. Don’t get me wrong I still do love my travel adventures, dining out and going to the spa. But that’s not my every day all day. And in my every day it’s the little things - like my morning matcha, a really good sweat sesh or chasing my boys at the park - those every day little things that often we may not really take a moment to appreciate - it’s those things that make me so happy! I think if more of us would get excited and grateful over the every day little things that we would attract so much more joy and fun into our lives! What do you think? If you’re up to putting this to the test - join me! Every day as you go about your usual start to notice the small stuff that makes you happy. So sing your heart out to the music on the radio, savour every bite at dinner or take a night away from your phone to get cozy with a book. Because I think it’s the little things in day to day life that can bring us some of the greatest joy when we stop to take it all in!

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