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Ask these 2 Questions to manifest MORE of what you want

This time of year I get lots of questions from clients about New Year's goals and resolutions! I want to share with you just 2 powerful questions to ask yourself that will almost immediately help you create more of what you want for 2020.

The video is 1 minute short so definitely tune in! I was running out the door when I took the video, it was too good not to share so it's short but powerful!

Take an inventory of everything you have going on in your world. All that you do, the relationships you have, where your energy goes and ask yourself these two things:

1. What can I release? These are things that are not serving us. You know what they are because you will feel drained, tired, frustrated or heavy..

2. What can I revive? Of all that you already do and have, what do you want to pour more energy into? Spend more time doing? These are things that life you up, bring you joy, bring you happiness.

These two questions might seem simple, but they are potent! Once you've asked yourself this and really been honest with yourself, then go about to setting your intention, mantra or vision for 2020!


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