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Want to manifest? Start with this

Today is New Year's Eve. Before you go ahead and write your goals, set your intentions, do the vision boards or create your manifestation maps you have to clear the energetic space to give room for all of your new desires to flood in.

Oftentimes we jump right into the desires without acknowledging all of what's unfolded in our experience.

So here we go - take a few deep breaths, settle into your energy, and ask yourself these questions.

  1. What are your highlights from the year? What are you proud of? What were your successes? What brought you joy?

  2. What were your greatest growths? Challenges?

  3. What are you willing to leave behind? To let go of? What patterns are you so sick of that you don't want to bring that into the next year

When you feel that you've really dug in, celebrate those joys, bless the challenges because they shaped your growth and release all what is no longer serving you that you are ready to leave behind.

From this energetic space, now you can go ahead and dive into all of your beautiful rituals to set those intentions, desires and goals!


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